Private Consultation & Personal Practice Crafting

Perhaps you are in the midst of change which can bring great confusion and stress. Are you broken by grief? Or perhaps you seek change, you need a shift and are unsure how to get things moving. Either way your curiosity has led you here, are you ready to dive in? Do you want to do the work to dive in deeper? To explore the depths of yourself and beyond. Each story is unique, precious and intricate therefore each practice, ritual and ceremony must be crafted specifically for you.

Alexandra has worked lifetimes to develop skills to help people live their best lives. She has studied with teachers around the globe and has spent many days and nights deep in sojourn, or spiritual journey. Through the practices learned and developed we will work together to craft a practice for you to gain whatever it is that you would like help with. The spirit knows, we must clear the path and open the doors to listen to the messages we are meant to hear. 
Are you ready?

What to expect
*We will start with a consultation, this is a Skype session or phone call up to 1 hour. You will have an opportunity to share some of your story with me, and what you would like to gain from the experience.

*Inspired by our conversation a practice will be crafted for you to do for the time frame we agree upon. Most commonly practices are done for 40 consecutive days. Some practices are done by the moon cycles, on significant dates or otherwise inspired. Its up to us to decide what is best for you at this time. 

*Each practice will have a few components and the length of the video will be determined by what you want to commit to. This could be a 5-60 minute video just for YOU.

*After the agreed upon timeframe there will be a follow up consultation via Skype or phone. This is up to 1 hour long. We will review your progress and make sure it feels complete.

*For the full bloom you will receive a package via mail that will include an herbal medicine blend, forest bath in a jar and alter item.

*If intermittent consultation is needed (questions about practice, revision of practice, etc.) you will receive up to 1 hour or correspondence before the end consultation. If you need more that 1 hour there will be an additional $100 fee per hour. 

I conspire to aid you on your journey to success, well being and enchanted living! Together we can create great shift, clarity, abundance, self love, healing and... magic!

Guided practices may include but are not limited to:

Yoga practices (length determined by you), 
meditation practices, 
Kundalini practices, 
 soundscape, daily Ritual,
 fasting (from food, technology, sex,etc.), 
journal prompts,
conscious communication, 
intentional language, 
herbal medicine, 
alter creation, 
nature practices, 
forest bathing, 
grounding techniques, 
 field clearing, guided journeying, 
ritual bathing, cord cutting, 
card drawing, 
animal spirit work, 
Chakra balancing, 
Elemental healing, 
conscious eating, 
boundary work, 
Staff practices, 
self care practices, 
Breathwork practices, 
Pranayama practices, 
Ceremony, guidance, and of course 
the unnameable.

Full bloom package
 1 hour consultation
, personalized guided practice video, 
personalized herb blend, 

Alter item, 1 hour 
follow up consultation

Budding package


30 minute consultation, 
guided practice video

 tailored to your specifics

Ceremony Package

In person guided ceremony



2 days 
in person ceremony 1 on 1, personalized practice for follow up, consultation post practice and herbal blend

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