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Softening Into Self- Kalmar Sweden

Come, center and connect in community for a journey into balance of the energies within the self. Through the magic of medicinal herbs, meditation, movement, breathwork and mantra we will explore what is asking to be expressed. This weekend is focused on connecting to the divine feminine energy of Shakti and balancing the divine masculine energy of Shiva. We will find a healthy harmony of both aspects and discover how they dance within the self and how that will allow us to show up differently in the world. 

We will:

Day 1
Enjoy a guided tea meditation with herbs that open the feminine essence
Learn about common plants and their medicinal properties
Thread together in community by way of circle
Discover an intention for this cycle in your life (please bring a journal)
Create an alter (please bring an object- this could be a stone, feather, flower, ect.- you will take it home afterward)
Soften in gentle and yin yoga practices
Journey through a new birth by way of Breathwork
Relax into deep states of oneness in sound bath
Be guided in reflection

Day 2
Anchor in alignment with guided meditation
Drink herbs for rooting in the masculine
Practice gentle movement- root in the masculine to rise in the feminine
Journal and reflect (bring journal)
Conscious communication
Acknowledge the story of the voice
Learn a Kundalini inspired kriya for anchoring in self expression
Explore and reclaim the freedom of the Vishuda Chakra
Enjoy the profound healing of song!  
Create a personalized ritual practice

Later Event: April 26
The Breathwork Experience